Alex Rodriguez needs to give it up!

August 5, 2013

Although due process is due to everyone, I think that it is time for A Rod to accept his punishment, and sit down!  Major League Baseball has suspended him through the 2014 season.  Based on their findings in the Biogenesis investigation, MLB felt that suspending him for 211 baseball games was warranted.  You just don’t get suspended for that length of time, if MLB doesn’t have a substantial amount of evidence against you.  According to ESPN MLB believes it has evidence that A Rod not only use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s), but he also tried to obstruct the investigation.  A Rod will appeal his suspension, which will probably allow him to play out the rest of the season, but is it necessary?  Watching his press conference he is not answering direct questions about him using PED’s.  Mind you that there are 12 other players who were also suspended for the same reason.  None of them are appealing their suspensions, and have accepted their punishment.  A Rod’s image, and legacy is already tarnished for good.  He will unlikely be voted into the Hall of Fame.  It is time for him to admit his wrongs, and save what little respect, and dignity that he has left.  A Rod, It is time to sit down!


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