Medicinal Marijuana

August 8, 2013


CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, once a an opponent of medicinal marijuana has now changed his mind, and is in support of using the plant as an alternative medicine.  In  his article on http://www.cnn.com to promote his upcoming documentary titled “Weed” he talks about how at one time the was a staunchly against using marijuana for medicinal purposes because he never really understood the benefits of the plant, and assumed like a lot of people that legalizing it would open the doors to junkies abusing the plant.  After spending years researching the plant.  He discovered that the percentage of marijuana users who turn out to be addicted to it is about 9-10%.  The percentage of people who start smoking cigarettes who turn out to be addicted to  it is about 30%.  I’m not encouraging using marijuana, that is your personal choice, but I am curious to see if you would be willing to use marijuana for MEDICINAL purposes.  I am putting the link to the story on the bottom of this post.  Please I would like your comments.  You can leave them on here, or my Facebook page.  What do you think? 





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