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I’m baaaack!

August 5, 2013

Ok so after a hiatus that has lasted over a year (I know…) I decided to start my blog back up, and open myself up to the world again.  Why has it taken so long? you might be asking.  Well, to be honest, it is hard to be creative, and express yourself when there is a lot of turmoil in your life.  I’m not going to get into specifics, but I am in a better place now spiritually.  I strive to be closer to our creator, and though I am far from perfect, I am a work in progress, and yearn to be better.  So this brings me to where I am now.  I want to use this blog to inform, and express myself.  There won’t be a specific format, I might dwell into sports, religion, politics, myself, or whatever strikes me at the time.  So I humbly ask that you follow me on my journey.  You might not like everything that I have to say, but I welcome all responses.  So please feel free to comment.  The only thing that I ask is to maintain a mutual respect for one another.  With that being said.  Thank you, and let the fun begin!