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ESPN, Trayvon Martin, & Ignorance

August 13, 2013


ESPN has an article on it’s website about Florida A&M naming Tracy Martin (Trayvon Martin’s father) an honorary captain of their football team.  He was invited by FAMU head coach Earl Holmes.  He will perform the pregame coin toss for their season opener against Mississippi Valley State on Sept 1st.  Unfortunately this article on the website has taken a back seat to the comments that readers have left.  I’m not going to debate the innocence, or guilt of George Zimmerman.  I have already expressed my opinion of the verdict, and I am not going to beat a dead horse.  I will express my view of the hundreds of offensive comments left by the readers.  I call them cowards because of the way they express their prejudices, and stereotyping of someone who is different from them, but because they won’t cross the line, and say the N word their views are not racist!  I use the word racist loosely because they are too ignorant to be in the position to exercise racism in the true sense of the word, but I digress.   The comments characterizing Trayvon Martin, and his family are glaring, disrespectful, and down right offensive, no matter what you feel about the verdict.  The judgement of Trayvon’s life prior to that tragic night, and how he was raised by his parents are shameful.  They basically stated that he pretty much got what he deserved based on him being a “thug”, for getting caught with weed, and for taking a picture with a gun.  How dare Florida A&M University honor the father of such a thug, who is obviously a deadbeat father because it took 36 hours to find out about his son’s death, and is only trying to capitalize financially on his son’s death by starting a foundation in his  name?  They won’t use the N word because that will put that nasty racist label on them, and they are too american to be labeled as a racist.  As far as this country has come in race relations, we have so much farther to go before we can view each other as equals.  Below is the link to the story so you can view for yourself.  Please share, and I welcome all feedback.